Summer Residential Program

About the Upward Bound Summer Program

Each Summer, Upward Bound (UB) host students on the University of Maine campus to experience living and learning on a college campus. For many, it is difficult to imagine yourself on a campus until you’ve been to one. The Summer Program happens to be a perfect opportunity to receive that first-hand experience. Both Classic and Math-Science Upward Bound students are invited to the Summer program where they attend classes (dependent on grade, ability, and program), participate in community service or STEM explorations, and live in a residential dorm. The Summer Program is an exciting opportunity for students to connect with professional faculty and staff from the University of Maine community, as well as learn from current college students who provide various services throughout the summer program.

How do Math-Science and Classic programs differ?

For the most part, students all receive the same basic services. They live in the residential dorm, eat all meals on campus, and attend to their classes and various activities throughout the day. The biggest difference comes in our afternoon services portion of the program. Our Classic Upward Bound students participate in Community Service and an introductory science course during afternoon services, while Math-Science students participate in a science-intensive course meant to provide them with more hands-on experiences in STEM related areas. Math-Science students may also participate in a Scientific Writing course rather than a Language Arts course in order to assist them in their afternoon work. The rest of the day is relatively the same for all participants.

A group of students stand together on a dock, they are smiling for a group photo at the Darling Marine Center in Damariscotta, Maine.
Classic Upward Bound students pose for a picture at the Darling Marine Center in Damariscotta, Maine. This excursion was for their Summer Marine Science course.

What is Residential Life like during the Summer Program?

All students reside on a campus Residence Hall during their stay with Upward Bound. Students are matched with a roommate (another student in the program who attends a different school) through a Roommate Questionnaire that is sent out for completion in the Spring. During their stay on campus, students have access to the New Balance Recreation Center, Fogler Library, university labs and classrooms (during morning programming), and campus dining facilities. In the evenings, students have free time to roam campus with their peers, once free time is over students join us again at the Residence Hall for nightly workshops or local outings.

The Summer Residential program is provided at NO COST to all Upward Bound students.