Academic Year Services

School Visits

Throughout the academic year, TRIO Upward Bound (UB) provides academic services by traveling to target schools twice per month. Students will meet with their academic counselor for an individual or group meeting. These meetings will focus on a variety of subjects that may come up within your high school career.

As a freshman or sophomore, meetings with your academic counselor focus on maintaining grades, learning study and time management skills, as well as learning about potential careers. The time you spend building a relationship with your academic counselor will help prepare you for the summer program and the college search and application process.

In your Junior year, you will explore career and college opportunities in-depth while maintaining your junior year grades. During this time, you will also prepare for college entrance exams, with an opportunity to test for the SAT/ACT in the Spring.

As a senior, you will benefit financially from fee waivers to cover the SAT/ACT exams as well as your college applications. You will have the opportunity to participate in college visits throughout Maine, and potentially within other New England states. Above all, UB will provide assistance with your college applications and with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Reunions/ Workshop Adventures/ College Visits

The UB staff will host reunion events for New Student Orientation, Summer Orientation, and Open House events to promote community engagement and interaction beyond the summer program. Workshops may also be hosted online or in-person for specific activities such as completing the FAFSA, and Early College registration. Students and their families are invited to join UB at these events in-person or on Zoom when able to attend.

Each year, UB hosts college visits for students in order to tour different college campuses. Students will meet staff and faculty of the university/college, eat on campus, and get a feel for being on a college campus.


Several people in their own lanes preparing to roll a bowling ball, behind them are more people sitting and watching.
Students and families join staff at Old Town Bowling Center for candlepin bowling.
A group of students gather around a table in a 3D Printing Room at the University of Maine Augusta. Staff stands opposite of the students, explaining their work.
Upward Bound students explore 3D Printing at the University of Maine Augusta.

Maine TRIO and GearUp Advocacy Event

UB selects students to attend the Maine TRIO Advocacy event in Augusta each year. It is a great opportunity to meet your state representatives and talk about issues of importance to you, all while representing Upward Bound!


Students stand against a railed opening on the second floor at the Maine State House, they peer down into the first floor level.
TRIO Students represent Upward Bound at the Maine State Capitol.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is available for UB students through Zoom, phone, email, Facebook, or Remind. The UB office hires and trains college students with a strong academic background to provide remote academic coaching/tutoring services to UB students, as a result students can receive coaching in various subjects, and receive assistance in writing essays, preparing speeches, or practicing presentations.

Early College

The Maine Department of Education and Maine State Legislature has made it possible for eligible high school students to earn up to 12 academic credits per year at several public universities and colleges in Maine, as a result, UB will cover the cost of necessary academic materials required to complete the course successfully. So, if you are interested in signing up for an Early College course, please talk to your academic counselor.

Fee Waivers

UB students are eligible for fee waivers for college entrance exams such as the SAT/ACT, and for college applications. UB can assist students in waiving fees for AP course exams at their school.

SAT Prep

Students should discuss SAT Prep with their academic counselor if they plan to take a college entrance exam. Students can find practice exams on the BlueBook application offered by the College Board or through Khan Academy. You can sign-up for the SAT with your school guidance counselor, or at


We help students create a ‘FSA ID’, fill out the FAFSA, and ensure that students are getting the most appropriate financial aid award for their financial situation.

CSS Profile

Some colleges use the CSS Profile to help them award non-federal financial aid to students. The Profile is a “financial” glance at you as a student, click here to create a CSS Profile. The Profile is required by some schools, so be sure to look into what financial aid applications to complete, and similar to the FAFSA, the earlier you complete this application the better.


Upward Bound provides stipends for students who actively participate in UB services. This includes attending monthly meetings, taking part in the Summer program, and following all UB deadlines. The amount will vary dependent on funding year.