(A) K-12 National Directory on Canada in the American Curriculum

This directory is a summary snapshot of where in each state’s curriculum Canada or Canadian content is included. Arranged alphabetically by state, it offers a synopsis of state content standards which prescribe or mention the study of Canada. This inventory of Canadian content in the American curriculum is organized in three categories: Required Canadian content in state standards; Recommended Canadian content; and, Suggested Canadian Content.  Data was compiled only from information published at each state’s Department of Education website.  Data is current as of February, 2013.

(B) Chart: Where is Canada Taught

Where is Canadian content taught, at what level, in what course?
An excel spreadsheet, with data arranged alphabetically by state, color coded by discipline, to reveal Required Canadian content, and Recommended Canadian content.

(C) Summary Chart: States with most Canadian content

Organized by discipline and grouped to show the states with the highest Canadian content evident in their curriculum.

(D) Summary Chart: Where is Canadian Studies taught in the American curriculum

Is there a correlation between states which border Canada, have Canada as the #1 trade partner, have a Canadian Consulate or Quebec Delegation, or a university-level program in Canadian Studies and how much Canadian content is in the state’s curriculum?

(E) Powerpoint presentation about the project

For more information about the data, the reports, or this project –  which originated at the Center for the Study of Canada, SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Frederic Rondeau

Associate Professor of French, Director of the Canadian-American Center
154 College Ave, University of Maine, Orono, Maine 04469-5742