For more information or to place a Logowear order, please contact Erin Brewer at  College of Engineering Logowear can also be purchased at any of SWE’s tabling events. Tabling times can be found on our Facebook page.  Thank you for supporting SWE UMaine!

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Check Out Some of Our Merchandise!

Dry-Fit Polo
Dry-Fit Polo - $35
Baseball Tee
Baseball Tee - $20
Black Hoodie
Black Hoodie - $30
Frosted Engineering Stein - $15
Baseball Cap
Baseball Cap - $15(Back)
Grey Quarter Zip Sweatshirt
Gray Quarter Zip Sweatshirt - $45
Padfolio - $25
Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug - $10
3D Printed Magnet
3D Printed Magnet - $5