A Visit from Maine Maritime Academy’s New SWE Chapter

During our regular meeting time this week (Tuesday, 10/4), SWE UMaine was joined by members of SWE Maine Maritime Academy. Their chapter was founded during the Spring of 2016, making them the second collegiate SWE section in the State of Maine. They showed much enthusiasm for being a part of SWE, getting their club up and running, and for learning about the things we do here at the University of Maine!

Members of both chapters were treated to a tour at the University’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center – a world leader in innovative materials science research and development. (You can learn more about their research here.)


After the tour, MMA SWE joined us for pizza and was able to ask questions about how we organize outreach events, fundraise for national and regional conferences, and how we interact with other engineering groups on campus.

We’d like to thank members of Maine Maritime Academy’s SWE chapter for taking the time to come visit us, and hope to organize a trip to see their campus and facilities in the future!