Waseda University
Waseda University

About the Program

Located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Waseda university is a large, private institute known throughout the country with its ranking as 8th in the nation. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of majors while getting the most out of your academic semester or year.

Live in the capital city of Japan during your time abroad. Shibuya, Yokohama, Asakusa and many more popular locations are within easy reach. Grab a coffee at the local conbini (convenience store) and pop over to Shibuya to check out a hedgehog cafe. Or, take a short 15 minute train to Asakusa to visit the beautiful shrine and plentiful food stands.

Apply to Waseda University

Dates and Deadlines


Minimum GPA of 3.0


Best Suited

Other Subjects

Art History Biology
Biochemistry & Microbiology Business
Chemistry Communication and Journalism
Computer Science Economics
Education English Language & Literature
History International Affairs
Mathematics Political Science
Psychology Sociology

Course Load

Will vary depending on major

Academic Calendar

Academic Year:

  • September 21 – February 1
  • Orientation: Mid-September

Spring Semester:

  • April 1 – July 30
  • Orientation: Mid-March

*Fall is not applicable as a semester only option because our calendars do not align. See the Academics page to view available calendars.

Full-Time Enrollment

Students must enroll in at least the equivalent to 12 UMaine credits. It is recommended that students enroll in up to 15 UMaine credits. Most courses at Waseda are either 2 or 4 Waseda credits. You would typically enroll in at least 7 courses, equaling 14 credits but could enroll in up to 20 credits, depending on the school.


As a rule, Exchange students must select their courses from those offered by the school they will be affiliated with at Waseda. In some cases, you may be permitted to take courses offered to all students or courses offered by other schools as well, but your study plan should be focused on the courses offered by the school for which you are applying. To find courses in English, you can use the Course (Syllabus) Search. You can also check this department course list and make note of any restrictions there might be for exchange students and view specific departments.

The number of credits students can enroll in per semester differs according to each School. For example, students on the Japanese Language Program (JLP) must take a minimum of 13 credits per semester, and can take up to 18 credits per semester. Students in School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) must take a minimum of 14 credits per semester and can take up to 21 credits per semester.

Transfer Credits:

1 Waseda Credit = 1 UMaine Credit.

Grading Scale


Waseda Letter Grade Waseda Percentage Grade UMaine Grade
  A+ 90 – 100 % A
A 80 – 89 % A
B 70 – 79 % B
C 60 – 69 % C
F 0 – 59 % No transfer credit



Estimated budget for one semester at Waseda University.


Most international students live on-campus. Students can live in Waseda University Student House South Wing/North Wing, Waseda University Nishi Waseda International Students’ House, or Waseda Housien. Accommodations typically come with a shared kitchen, lounge and bathrooms, while there are a few options to have a private bathroom.


  • MEXT Scholarship – For students planning to enter the Japanese Language Program (JLP)
  • JASSO Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan)

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You can also find more opportunities on our Scholarships page.

Health Insurance

It is compulsory to join Japan’s national health insurance. The amount of the premium you must pay varies by city or ward but it is usually about 1,500 yen per month ($14). You are also required to purchase travel insurance before leaving for Japan.