University College Cork
University College Cork

About the Program

Step into the past while you study at the University College Cork, one of the oldest universities in Ireland. Study amongst the buildings of early and modern architecture located in the wooded riverside close to the city. While studying here, you’ll become part of a community that strongly emphasizes research while maintaining close connections with industry. UCC is also the only Irish university to achieve the unique status of Ireland’s first five-star university.

You’ll live in Cork, the second largest city of Ireland, located on the south coast of the country. With a boasting of arts, films, and jazz festivals, you’ll have the chance to view live performances and have ample choice in cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and markets.

Apply to UCC

Apply to the George J. Mitchell Peace Scholarship

Dates and Deadlines


Minimum GPA of 3.0


Best Suited

Other Subjects

Anthropology Art History
Archeology Cultural Studies
Folklore Biochemistry
Biology Botany
Business Accounting
Finance Management
Markting MIS
Chemistry Classical Studies
Computer Science Earth Science
Economics Education
Engineering Bioengineering
Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
English Environmental Sciences
French Food Science & Nutrition
Geography German
History International Affairs
Asian Studies Celtic Studies
Chinese Studies European Studies
Mathematics Microbiology
Music Philosophy
Physics Political Science
Social Work Sociology
Spanish Theater

Course Load

3-6 classes

Academic Calendar

Following are unconfirmed estimates which may be up to a week off from the actual dates.

Fall 2023

(*Early start–  Orientation:  August 18; Classes:  August 21 – September 8)

  • Arrival date:  TBD
  • Orientation:  September 6-8
  • Semester Class dates:  Monday, September 11 – Friday, December 1
  • Examinations Weeks:  December 8-21

Spring 2024

  • Arrival date:  TBD
  • Orientation:  January 11-12
  • Semester Class dates:  Monday, January 15 – Friday,  April 19
  • Easter Recess:  March 23 -April 7
  • Examinations Weeks:  April 26 – May 10

Additional information at UCC Semester Dates.

Full-Time Enrollment

30 UCC/ECTS credits each semester = 15 UMaine credits


UCC offers a large selection of courses across many majors. Exchange/Visiting students have access to a special set of courses designed specifically for them. Students can request access to the regular courses if they meet the prerequisites and the course has available spaces.  Browse available courses in the Book of Modules for Visiting Students

Bachelor degrees at UCC are usually completed in three years thus the course levels are different at both institutions:

UCC Course Level UMaine Course Level
100 100 and 200
200 300
300 400

Students should pay attention to the following designation to determine appropriate courses which are called modules at UCC:

Semester 1 = UMaine fall semester

Semester 2 = UMaine spring semester

Transfer credits:

5 UCC/European Transfer Credit System (ECTS) = 2.5 credit hours at UMaine

10 UCC/European Transfer Credit System (ECTS) = 5 credit hours at UMaine


Estimated budget for a semester as:

Grading Scale


UCC grades UMaine grades 
70 – 100 A
65 – 69 A-
60 – 64 B+
55 – 59 B
50 – 54 B-
40 – 49 C
0 – 39 No credit


Accommodation is available in campus housing. A popular location for UMaine students and George J. Mitchell Scholars is Victoria Lodge. Public transportation is available outside both apartment complexes to and from the city center. The apartments include WiFi, TV, and a fully furnished living area and kitchen. The living space is shared, with 3 to 6 attached bedrooms.