Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

About the Program

On the RMIT direct exchange program, you’ll study in the second largest city in Australia–Melbourne. While picking your program of study, you’ll choose between the city and Bundoora campus, both of which have their own perks.

You’ll be able to find multiple courses in your desired field, studying during the day and exploring your host location in the evening.

Apply to RMIT

Dates and Deadlines


Minimum GPA 3.0


Best Suited Majors


Other Majors

Accounting Art Biology
Chemistry Business Biotechnology
Communication Computer
Conservation & Land
Economics Aerospace
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering Computer
Earth Science
Mechanical &
Manufacturing Engineering
Finance Food Science & Nutrition Graphic Design
Indigenous Studies International Affairs Journalism
Kinesiology  Exercise & Sports
Science (Bundoora Campus)
Management Mathematics Marketing
Media Medical Laboratory Science
Psychology Physics
Social Work Sociology

Course Load

3-4 courses

Academic Calendar

The semester dates at RMIT are different than the semester dates at UMaine because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere. Australian universities have summer vacation in December and January. The RMIT International office offers exchange students a 3-day orientation which is usually about 10-14 days prior to the first day of classes. For specific dates, visit the Academic Calendar.

Semester 2, 2022 (UMaine’s fall semester)

  • Orientation:  10-14 July
  • Semester starts:  17 July
  • Mid-Semester Break: 28 August – 3 September
  • Exams:  23 October – 10 November

Full-Time Enrollment

UMaine students must be registered for at least 36 credit points (12 UMaine credits) and up to 48 credit points (16 UMaine credits) at RMIT each semester.

Grading Scale

RMIT Grade Points Description UMaine Grade
HD 80 – 100 High Distinction A
DI 70 – 79 Distinction A
CR 60 – 69 Credit B
PA 50 – 59 Pass C
NPC   Pass Conceded D (doesn’t transfer)
NN   Fail F


As an exchange student you will have access to the same types of accommodation options that all international students studying at RMIT have. Many exchange students choose to live in share and rental accommodation, for example the RMIT Village, while others prefer the convenience of living in a student hostel. If you choose to stay in student hostel accommodation you are encouraged to book in advance when you submit your application for your exchange program. Housing costs at the Bandoora campus are lower than in the City or Brunswick campuses.

There are a number of accommodation options around each RMIT campus including apartment complexes, hostels, and homestays. View the link below to explore accommodations at each RMIT campus.


Estimated budget per semester at RMIT City Campus.

Estimated budget per semester at RMIT Bundoora Campus.

RMIT’s Cost of Living.


Use RMIT’s course guides to search for classes. Find courses available within a specific degree program by viewing the program structures. You will type in a subject, such as “chemistry”, and locate a degree related to that subject. Within each degree program structure is a list of courses that students take during their three-year degree programs. Click on the course title to access a syllabus for the course. Pay attention to the semester in which the course is offered and the campus where the course is located. It is recommended that you take classes on one campus.

RMIT Terminology UMaine Terminology
Courses Courses
Program Major
Faculty Department/College
Credit points Credits


Transfer Credits:

12 credit points = 4 credits at UMaine


Exchange abroad students in Australia are eligible to work up to 40 hours every two weeks based on their student visa status. During orientation on location, students can inquire about available job opportunities on campus or in the community.