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About the Program

Spend your semester or academic year studying in Parkland, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the countryside. You’ll have the extending sea on one side and Lancaster city on the other.

During your time at Lancaster, you’ll have no shortage of outdoor activities from hiking, canoeing, climbing, and exploring the city. Choose between spending your time in Lancaster city or hop on a train for a day or weekend trip to Liverpool, Manchester, or London.

At Lancaster university, you’ll have a large range of programs to choose from whether it be the sciences and engineering or liberal arts. The program is also ideal for Nursing majors who study abroad during their fall semester.

Apply to Lancaster University

Dates and Deadlines


Minimum GPA 3.0

Subject Areas

Best Suited

Studio Art Finance
Biology Chemistry
Economics English
Environmental Studies Film and Media
Mangement Marketing
Physics Political Science
Psychology Theater

Other Subjects

Art Art History
Accounting Biochemistry
Computer Engineering Communications
Creative Writing Ecology
Economics Environmental Sciences
Environmental Engineering Electrical Engineering
Gender Studies Geography
History International Relations
Mathematics Music
Mechanical Engineering Philosophy
Sociology Women Studies

Course Load

3 courses (max) for Fall Term

3-4 courses for Spring Term

Academic Calendar

Fall 2024 (Michaelmas term):

Welcome Week September 30 – October 4

Semester Dates: 6 October to 13 December

Spring 2025 (Lent and Summer terms):

Semester Dates:

Lent: 10 January to 21 March

Summer: 28 April to 27 June 

*Exams conducted within term dates

For more specific dates, visit Academic Calendar.

Students should pay attention to the following designation to determine appropriate courses which are called modules at Lancaster:

FY – taught throughout the academic year

M – in Michaelmas term (Fall Semester)

L – in Lent term (first part of Spring Semester)

LS – in Lent and Summer terms (full Spring Semester)

S – in Summer term (second part of Spring semester)

M or L – in either Michaelmas (Fall Semester) or Lent term (first part of Spring Semester)

Full-time Enrollment

Full-time enrollment:

Michaelmas term – 12 Lancaster credits

Lent/Summer term  – 16-20 Lancaster credits

Full academic year – 30-32 Lancaster credits



Exchange students may choose courses in any study area, as long as they meet any prerequisites for the course. Students register for 12 credits in the fall and 16 credits in the spring. Browse available courses in the Study Abroad Handbook.

Bachelor degrees at Lancaster are completed in three years thus the course levels are different at both institutions:

Lancaster Course Level UMaine Course Level
100 100 and 200
200 300
300 400

Pay attention to these course levels when choosing your classes as they will determine difficulty and time commitment both inside and outside of the classroom.


Transfer credits:

4 credit hours at Lancaster University = 4 credit hours at UMaine


At Lancaster University, American students live with other international students as well as British students in on-campus residences called ‘colleges.’  Read about the eight Lancaster colleges to decide which college you would like to live in and join. These colleges sponsor social events, gathering places, and many activities. Housing during Easter break (almost all of April) is not included in the housing cost for the semester. Students studying at Lancaster University for the Lent and Summer term should set aside sufficient funds to cover housing during Easter break.

Housing is guaranteed for exchange students. Students can live in a single room in a suite with a shared bathroom, a single room with a private bathroom, or students can share a room with another international student.  Read more about accommodation options.


Estimated budgets for Lancaster University:

Grading Scale

Aggregation Score Percentage  Letter Grade  Descriptor  UMaine Grade
24 90 – 100 A+ Excellent A
21 80 – 89 A A
18 70 – 79 A- A
17 67 – 69 B+ Good A-
16 64 – 66 B B+
15 60 – 63 B- B
14 57 – 59 C+ Satisfactory B-
13 54 – 56 C B-
12 50 – 53 C- C+
11 47 – 49 D+ Weak C
10 44 – 46 D C-
9 40 – 43 D- D (No transfer credit)
0 – 8 0 – 39 F Fail F