Birmingham University
Birmingham University

About the Program

Study in the second largest cit of England, Birmingham. As the first civic university, Birmingham was a place where all students were accepted on an equal basis no matter their religion or background. As a student of the university, you’ll have the opportunity to study alongside international students from all over the world.

Birmingham’s city center is dedicated to different areas such as the arts, entertainment, sports, and commerce. Spend the day or weekend visiting locations such as London, Shakespeare’s birthplace, or explore your host city!

The university boasts a large array of areas of studies for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Apply to Birmingham University

Dates and Deadlines


Minimum GPA 2.8

Subject Areas

Best Suited

Earth Science Ecology
Economics English
Finance History
International Affairs Kinesiology/Sports Science
Marketing Management
Mathematics Music
Philosophy Physics
Political Science Psychology

Other Subjects


Anthropology Art History
Biology Biochemistry
Business Chemistry
Child Development and
Family Relations
Computer Science
Theater Ecology & Environmental Science
Spanish Education
Bioengineering Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Sociology French

Course Load

3-6 classes

Academic Calendar

All the examinations at Birmingham are held in May/June—even for modules which are taught wholly in the Autumn Term. This means that students leaving in December will need to undertake some additional assessment in place of the examination. In some cases, this takes the form of a special examination in the last week of term but in other cases there will be an additional essay, or an essay that is longer than normal.

Fall semester 2024:

Welcome Week: 23 September  – 27 September

Christmas vacation: 18 December 2023 – 5 January 2024

Term dates:  30 September  – 13 December 

Spring semester 2025:

Term Dates:  13 January – 4 April 

For future dates, visit the Academic Calendar.


Estimated budget for the fall semester at the University of Birmingham.

Estimated budget for the spring semester at the University of Birmingham.

See the estimated Living Costs.


Students coming to the University of Birmingham now have access to one of the widest ranges of academic departments available at any UK institution. Providing you meet the prerequisite requirements, you will be able to select courses across disciplines to develop an academic program that is suitable for your level, interests and subject requirements. At the University of Birmingham a degree is called a “course” and a course is called a “module”. You will take 120 credits per year or 60 credits per semester.

Course Levels:

Birmingham Year Birmingham Course Level UMaine Course Level
  Foundation Level 100
Year 1 Certificate Level 200
Year 2 Intermediate Level 300
Year 3 Honours Level 400
  Masters Level graduate level courses

Course Duration:

Birmingham Course Duration UMaine Course Duration
Semester 1 Fall semester
Semester 2 Spring semester
Full Year Fall+Spring semester (cannot be taken for only one semester)

Transfer credits:

20 credit modules = 5 UMaine credits

10 credit modules = 2.5 UMaine credits.

Full Time Enrollment

UMaine students must be registered for 50-60 credits each semester.

Grading Scale

Birmingham grade UK Grade – Honors Class ECTS grade UMaine grade
70-100% First (1) A A
65-69% Upper Second (2.1) B A-
60-64% Upper Second (2.1) B B+
55-59% Lower Second (2.2) C B
50-54% Lower Second (2.2) C B-
40-49% Third D C
0-39% Fail F F



Accommodation (housing) at the University of Birmingham is similar to apartments at DTAV/Patch. In each “village” there is accommodation offering a self-catered option (kitchen and cooking facilities provided).  At the Vale students are also able to take advantage of a Meal Plan. If you opt for Meal Plan accommodation, your meals are provided from Monday to Friday during the semester. Students can find information on accommodation and fees here.

Helpful Housing tips:

The Vale Village (nicer but a 15-minute walk from campus) is a housing complex which includes several different residence halls.

  • Maple Bank residence hall is one of the cheapest options. It has apartments with single bedrooms and shared bathrooms and kitchens. It also offers an optional meal plan.
  • Tennis Courts is another good option with flats (apartments) with en-suite bathrooms and kitchens. It also offers an optional meal plan.
  • Mason Hall is the most expensive option. It also offers an optional meal plan.

Selly Oak Village (only 10 minutes from campus) offers several different residence halls.

  • Jarratt Hall offers single bedrooms with private bathroom and shared kitchen.
  • No meal plan offered. Students prepare their own meals.

Cultural Activities

The University of Birmingham Guild of Students organizes events and excursions throughout the academic year, and is home to almost 200 student groups, including societies (focused on like-minded people having fun doing activities together), volunteering projects, support groups, and residents’ associations.