Know what's in your BORG

Borgs can be used to monitor alcohol consumption if done correctly, but if not they can become very dangerous very quickly. Using these tips can reduce the negative impacts of BORGS. You have control of the amount of alcohol, if you put any in at all. Plan for your limit, and don’t cross the line. 

If you plan on making a BORG, know the risk and drink responsibly!

  1. Pre-measure your alcohol
  2. Add more water than you think you need, and dilute while drinking
  3. Don’t dump the water out, save it for the next day!
  4. Spread out your drinks, use time markers on the side to pace yourself!
  5. Your body needs an hour to process one standard drink (1.5 ounces of liquor)
  6. Have a plan for getting home safely. Look out for your friends and peers. 

Remember, you don’t need to finish the whole thing! 

An infograph on the use of Borgs