Requesting Academic Accommodations

Disability is a valued diversity at the University of Maine. SAS collaborates with students and the campus community to discuss reasonable accommodations which creates a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse learning environment. With this view in mind students are encouraged to complete the following steps to request reasonable accommodations which includes completing an information form and sending documentation to our office. We recognize that there are some instances in which documentation may vary in a variety of ways, if you are concerned that you cannot provide documentation to our office prior to your initial meeting please reach out our office staff to discuss your concerns.    

Process for Requesting Accommodations From Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) uses a web-based software system called Accommodate to manage student disability-related accommodation requests including those for academic, housing, and emotional support animals. 

If you are a student with a disability and anticipate that you may need academic, housing, or other accommodations, please read the following steps to connect with Student Accessibility Services:

Step 1) Fill out the Student Accommodation Request form at this  Accommodate link you can upload documentation in the form, and submit it. A staff member will review your request and send you follow up instructions. 

Step 2) Login to the Accommodate platform, located on the University’s MyCampus Portal/Launch Pad. Students will need to sign in with their University Single Sign On (SSO) and request an appointment. Appointments can be held in-person or via Zoom. Students will receive a confirmation email and will be asked to log into Accommodate to view the appointment details. 

Step 3)    Meet with a staff member to discuss your accommodation request. During the appointment our staff will talk with you about your symptoms, identify reasonable accommodations, and give you detailed information about next steps.

More about Accommodate:

This system allows students to:

  1. Maintain 24-hour access to their approved accommodations
  2. Request supplemental accommodations that may be needed
  3. Complete a semester request every semester to communicate the continuation of accommodations
  4. View, save and print an accommodation letter to provide to professors
  5. View documentation and/or important releases signed
  6. Access helpful resources to assist with academic success
  7. View equipment signed out as well as when it is due for return
  8. For those students who receive note-taking services, online access to notes

Need help using Accommodate?!? call Student Accessibility Services at 207.581.2319 or email us at for more assistance.