Documentation Guidelines

Disability is a valued diversity at the University of Maine. SAS collaborates with students and the campus community to provide reasonable accommodations which creates a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse learning environment. One of the first steps in the process of requesting accommodations is to provide documentation from a licensed professional or health provider who is both trained and qualified to evaluate the disability and familiar with the student’s history.

The documentation should be recent enough to reflect the student’s current status. Copies of IEPs and Section 504 plans are informative, but if a diagnosis is not stated and test results are not reported these documents may not be sufficient documentation to support accommodation. Documentation may not be provided by a student’s relative, friend, or family friend. PLEASE do not send copies of the student’s medical records

We recognize that there are some instances in which documentation may vary in a variety of ways, if you are concerned that you cannot provide documentation to our office prior to your initial meeting please reach out to our office staff to discuss your concerns.

General guidelines for documentation of disability:

  • Name, credentials, and contact information of the evaluator.
  • The nature of the disability and relevant history.
  • DSM-V or ICD-10 diagnosis with information outlining the duration, severity, treatment and expected prognosis of the condition. If the condition is temporary, the expected length of time to recovery.
  • Test results, including scores and written evaluation of scores (if applicable).
  • Describe any treatments, medications, assistive devices/services the student is currently using. Note their effectiveness and any side effects that may impact the student’s physical, perceptual, or cognitive performance.
  • A description of how the disability impacts engagement in day-to-day activities related to attending college.
  • Suggested accommodations.

Disability Documentation Guidelines with Examples (PDF)

Below is a form your medical or mental health provider can fill out as an alternative to a letter or report.

SAS Documentation Form for Medical or Mental Health Provider


**Please note that Student Accessibility Services is not processing requests for vaccine exemptions.

However, if you are requesting other accommodations due to concerns around COVID-19 please complete our UM SAS Documentation Form COVID-19 and email it to