2021-2022 Financial Aid Award Resources

Navigating MaineStreet

MaineStreet is UMaine’s online student portal. It is an important communication tool, which not only houses your demographic, academic, and financial information and provides students with notifications of information we may need from students, but also allows students to communicate with our office. Click here for step-by-step instructions on navigating MaineStreet.

Reading the Financial Aid Award

The types and amounts of aid a student’s award are based on a number of factors. Click here for further explanation on how your financial aid eligibility is calculated.

Estimating UMaine Costs to Attend

UMaine students will have both direct and indirect expenses. Click here for additional information regarding estimated costs for 2021-2022 and estimating whether additional financing options are needed.

Alternative Funding Options

If a student’s financial aid award will not cover your full cost to attend, additional payment options exist for both parents and students. Click here for additional information.

Enrollment Adjustments

The types and amounts of aid in a student’s award are based on an enrollment of 15 credits per semester. Click here for additional information on potential adjustments and how to report enrollment to the Office of Student Financial Aid.