Student Testimonies

“The aspect I am enjoying most about [peer advising] is the amount Desiree can relate to me.  This makes me feel not so alone.  I know that I can confide in her for problems that I am having, and she gives me advice from her own personal experiences. Something else I like is the advice she can give me regarding living off campus, ways that she gets organized, ways that she studies, and ways to balance stress at home and school.  Overall, I like the experience because it is very relaxed.  I feel like I am just meeting with a friend.  Thank you for all of your help!” -Megan


“I have loved my time with my [peer advisor] this semester.  The information I got about studying, figuring out next semester’s schedule, and how to read a textbook were all extremely helpful.  As classes started to get more difficult, I was able to learn new skills and a more effective way of learning [course] material.” -Alyssa


“My [peer advisor] has been excellent, and I have most appreciated her willingness to look out for my well-being.  Every time we meet, she always asks me if I am sleeping well (because she knows I get stuck working the late shift at Wells).  So, [peer advising] has been most helpful to me by providing a person who is able to help me evaluate the sustainability of my current work situation, as well as help me speak up for myself it is not sustainable.” -Anonymous


“The TRIO program has provided me with new academic advising resources and financial advising. At the beginning of this year I was struggling academically and with the help of this program I’ve been able to greatly increase my GPA.”


 The [advising] I have received throughout the semester with Rebecca has been incredibly useful and has made my college life a little more simple and efficient.  I really liked her idea of utilizing Excel documents to better visualize my transcript and future credits, and now I have a better idea of what I need to take in the coming years.  She also very responsive to any questions I had or issues I struggled with.  Anything she couldn’t answer immediately, she would address first thing at our next meeting.” -Aram


“TRIO Services has helped me with advisory services such as creating my future schedule, situating my future financial aid needs, and providing many useful resources for which I am very thankful for.”  – Dylan