Lecturer Travis Blackmer

Travis Blackmer's Contact Information

Contact information

E-mail: travis.blackmer@maine.edu

Office: 200c Winslow Hall

Phone: 207.581.3155

Education, Teaching, Mentoring, & Research


B.A. Economics, University of Maine

M.A. Financial Economics, University of Maine

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Teaching and Mentoring:

Setting students up for success with majors, minors, and double majors. Travis specializes in helping students develop skills for highly successful career pathways and encouraging students to set themselves apart by combining interests and skillsets. Travis enjoys helping students find minors and double-majors within and outside the Economics. 

Diving into the real world information. Travis takes special attention to integrating in current economics releases and data into class lectures and activities. If you take ECO 121, Principles of Macroeconomics, you will leave an informed consumer of the surprisingly complex numbers you hear periodically on the evening news…and know where to find the numbers on what you aren’t hearing!

Supporting student athletes and student leaders. Travis serves as the Student Athlete Faculty Liaison for the Baseball team where he provides academic support, advising, and professional development both one-on-one, and in group seminars. He extends the same type of personal support to students pursuing non-athletic related activities at UMaine.  Student activities are a key part of undergraduate experiences and can complement academic activities well.

Providing quality online instruction. Travis specializes in online instruction and frequently is involved in pilots for new instructional platforms, tools, and techniques. Travis teaches three different online courses with typically 7 or more sections between them per year. Not that it is a contest, but Travis teaches the most sections of classes at UMaine and is in the running for most student credit hours taught per year (and if you take into account that BIO 100 is team-taught some terms, he wins easily).

Attacking the problem of Food Waste. Travis has spent the last 11 years working on materials management related issues including waste generation and data, recycling, and food waste. Travis is often tasked with generating data on types of materials that are impossible to measure including creating Maine’s first estimates on food waste.

Courses Taught and Scheduled:

Spring 2023
ECO 121 Principles of Macroeconomics (2 live sections and online)
ECO 154 Small Business Economics and Management (Online)
ECO 220 Intermediate Microeconomics (hyflex)

Summer 2023
ECO 121 Principles of Macroeconomics (online)
ECO 154 Small Business Economics and Management (online)

Fall 2023
ECO 120 Principles of Macroeconomics (live section)
ECO 121 Principles of Macroeconomics (online)
ECO 154 Small Business Economics and Management (online)
ECO 220 Intermediate Microeconomics (hyflex)

Winter 2023-24
ECO 121 Principles of Macroeconomics (online)

Research Areas: Materials Management; Small-Business Development

Materials Management (Solid Waste) in Maine 

LD 1534 Report: Waste is not the Maine Way

Garbage Man

Food Rescue Maine Website