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image of 5 grocery bags with a car, two are spilled on the ground, three are still left in the car, with text, '40% of food in the U.S. is wasted each year'
Picture of Gillette Stadium with the text, "...Thats 133 billion pounds- This food could fill Gillette Stadium more than 700 times..."
picture of stacks of money with the caption "...is worth more than 160 billion dollars
image of a landfill with the text, "...and 97% of this food waste is still ending up in landfills"

Our Story

In 2015, a Mitchell Center multidisciplinary team identified eliminating food waste as the single most important issue to ensure a more sustainable waste system in Maine.

In 2019, a new interdisciplinary team was funded to help identify triple-bottom-line solutions to end wasted food in Maine.

Following the Mitchell Center research approach, our team worked with Maine’s major food businesses and organizations including retailers, distributors, farmers, manufacturers, hospitality, hospitals, schools, Congresswoman Pingree’s office, and others to identify stakeholder-driven food waste solutions that would deliver major economic, social and environmental benefits for Maine. We combined this with best-practice research looking for successful global, national, and regional solutions to end food waste.  Finally, we utilized the Maine DEP Food Recovery Hierarchy to ensure that our solutions followed the reduction/recovery/recycling hierarchy.

diverse arrangement of healthy foods ranging in colors and sizes

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