How Can YOU Help?

Reducing Food Waste is Possible – with YOUR help!

Food waste isn’t limited one area of life – it’s present in our homes, schools, businesses, and other institutions. People have a tremendous amount of ability and power to reduce food waste issues and costs. 

Don’t have room for a compost bin? Check out the map for locations of Food Disposal Sites or UMaine Mitchell Center Pilots to dispose of your food scraps!

Donating Food 

Donating your food while it is still appropriate for human consumption is another great way to reduce food insecurity in your community and to avoid wasting food before it gets to the compost stage. Here are two ways to get involved at donation sites in your area:

  1. Contact Good Shepherd Food Bank – a network of Maine feeding agencies. Tel:207-782-3554
  2. Food Pantries Click this link to put in your zip code and find the nearest food pantry.

Have extra food? Here’s a list of food donation sites in Maine!

And check out the links below to discover how to reduce food waste in your homes and communities!

Remember: Take Less! Share More! Recycle Always!

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