Solution 6: Divert Food from Landfills

Why Solution 6?

Food recycling has the potential to generate $1.2 million dollars annually in savings for Maine. Additionally, food recycling could decrease CO2 emissions in Maine by 27.7 thousand megatons every year. 

To prove that food recycling works, we launched four 1-year long pilot programs in the communities of Winslow, Waterville, Portland, Readfield/Wayne, and Fayette.

“Nearly 70% of surplus food is treated as true “waste,” meaning it is either left in the fields after harvest, incinerated, dumped, deposited in the sewer, sent to landfill, or applied to the land – much of this could have been used for other purposes. In fact, recycling offers one of the largest opportunities for decreasing the amount of food going to waste in our food system.”


Solution 6 Tools & Resources:

  1. Community Food Waste Proposal Presentation Template 

  2. Community Education and Outreach Portfolio

  3. Community Startup Guide

  4. Food Recycling Providers in Maine

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Solution 6 Pilots: 

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