Prospective Students

The School of Engineering Technology offers four B.S. degree programs that provide many choices on where you want your career to go through degrees in:

Why Engineering Technology at UMaine?

UMaine engineering technology graduates work is some of the best companies in Maine and beyond, such as Texas Instruments, Power Engineers, SGC Surveying, Pratt & Whitney, Woodard & Curran, Cianbro, Emera Maine, Poland Spring,  and many more. The skills that engineering technology graduates learn are well valued by industry. In fact, the curriculum is designed with industry in mind, so that graduates are ready to work right out of college. Businesses often tell us that engineering technology graduates beat grads from other schools because of the industry-driven training students receive here at the University of Maine School of Engineering Technology.

As a prospective student, you will need to ultimately select a major field of study.
When selecting your academic major you need to consider three important facets:

  • Your interests. What do you like to do and find interesting?
  • Your skills. What are you good at doing?
  • The career opportunities. Are there interesting job opportunities available to you that match your skills and interests?

Engineering and engineering technology are separate but closely related professional areas that differ in academic focus and career paths. There is much overlap between the fields. Engineers may open their own consulting firms, while engineering technology graduates may spend their entire careers in design capacities. For more on the differences between engineering and engineering technology, please go to the What is Engineering Technology?