Accepted Students

Getting Registered for classes your first Semester

The School of Engineering Technology (SET) Office will register you for classes your first semester. Before we can register you for classes you need to take the Math Placement Exam, and make sure  any transfer credits (AP, CLEP, other institutions, etc) have been transferred. It is the student’s responsibility to request and have the official transcripts or scores sent to UMaine. After your first semester you will be assigned an academic advisor and will meet with them to select classes for the next semester. Any questions can be directed to or 207-581-2340.

Math Placement Testing

All students entering UMaine must be placed in the correct math classes. Incoming students must take the ALEKS PPL Assessment, our mathematics placement exam. It is crucial to treat this math placement exam as important. It makes sure you are in the correct math class to be successful…too high a placement leads to a higher chance of struggling in the math class during your first semester; too low could mean taking extra classes.

Exceptions: If you have a 670 on the math portion of the SAT, or a 29 on the math portion of the ACT, then you can be enrolled in any math class up to MAT 126 (Calculus I).  If you have taken a college level equivalent math class and received at least a C or at least a 3 on AP exam (Calculus AB=MAT126 and AP Calculus BC=MAT126 and MAT127) then we will enroll you for the appropriate math class.

More exam details and troubleshooting information

What is the Aleks PPL?

What how can you prep for your first semester?

Download the Navigate app. This app will let you check your schedule and start getting organized for the semester ahead. More information…

Start checking your emails regularly even before you arrive.

Taking a RLE class can give you a head start. More information…

Any math review you can do over the summer will make your life easier when you start the semester. Our students historically have found math the most difficult class first semester. There are many resources on the web to review algebra, precalculus, and calculus concepts.