Accepted Students

Getting Registered for classes your first Semester

The School of Engineering Technology (SET) Office will register you for classes your first semester. Before we can register you for classes you need to accept the Financial Terms and Conditions, take the Math Placement Exam, and make sure  any transfer credits,-AP or otherwise, have been transferred. It is the student’s responsibility to request and have the official transcripts, AP scores, etc. be sent to UMaine. After your first semester you will be assigned an academic advisor and will meet with them to select classes for the next semester.

Financial Terms and Conditions

We will not be able to enroll you in your classes until you complete the Financial Terms and Conditions (FT&C). Please navigate to the Holds List on your Maine Street Student Center and click on “Financial Terms and Conditions” to view and acknowledge receipt of the statement. After submitting the registration hold will be removed immediately.
*All students must complete the FT&C before enrolling in classes each semester. The FT&C is a legal agreement between the student and University of Maine System explaining the financial obligation of the student. It ensures that students understand the financial commitment they are making when they register for courses is an important component of a student’s financial literacy and is also required by the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection.
If you have any questions pertaining to the FT&C, please contact the Bursar’s Office at (207) 581-1521.

Math Placement Testing

All students entering UMaine must be placed in the correct math classes. If you have a 670 on the math portion of the SAT, or a 29 on the math portion of the ACT, then you can be enrolled in any math class up to MAT 126 (Calculus I), or are transferring in credit for a equivalent math course.  A 3 or above on AP Calculus AB=MAT126 and AP Calculus BC=MAT126 and MAT127. All other students must take the ALEKS PPL Assessment, our mathematics placement exam.

Learn more about the exam and how to take it.

Computer Requirements

PC Requirements (Macs do NOT work for the programs needed)