Graduate Student Project Videos

Note: This list contains short videos by both MSIS students and SIE graduate students.

Internship Videos

Michael Hennessey, MSIS Internship Experience at Synernet, Inc.

Joshua Lewis, Internship with Eastern Maine Health Services: Drug Interaction Database

Pathum Mudannayake, Internship with Eastern Maine Health Services

Suyog Navarkar, MSIS Internship at Advanced Structures and Composites Center

Balaji Venkatesan, Internship with iFactor, Outage Management System

Joel Whitney, Esri Internship in Apps Product Engineering

Brian Wood on Distance Learning

Research Project Videos

Navneet Jain, A Physical Internet

Pathum Mudannayake on Improving Geo-Targeting in Commercial Mobile Alert Service

Hari Prasath Palani on Accessible Graphics for Visually Impaired People Using Touch-Based Devices

Saranya Kesavan on Generating Indoor Scene Descriptions

Shreyans Jain on Audio Interface Design for Indoor Navigation

Brendan O’Shaughnessey on Indoor Scene Reconstruction with the Kinect Sensor

Monoj Kumar Raja on Indoor Navigation for the Blind

Liping Yang on Informatics of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Hengshan Li on Exploring the Minimal Information Set for Human Navigation

Chris Bennet on Multimodal Interaction

Kraig King on Tiny models

Dave Almeida on A GIS-Inspired Approach Towards Interacting with Wireless Sensor Networks

Jake Emerson on Detecting Complex Events with Networks of Simple Sensors

Qinghan Liang on Dynamic Field-Based Data Model and Query Language for Sensor Data Streams

Matt Dube on Retraction: The Mathematical Path to Cartographic Generalization

Monoj Kumar Raja on Indoor Positioning and Applications

Chris Dorr on Decentralized Wireless Sensor Networks

Kate Cuddy on Indoor Navigation Systems for Low Vision Users

James Campbell on Access, Privacy and Heritage Preservation

Zhong Zhao on Distorting Locative Information in Ubiquitous Computing

Rick Tanney on Familiarity Factors on the Perception of Relative Nearness in Map Space

Paul Smitherman on Geostatistics

Guillaume Charest-Hallee on GIS Certificate Academic Objectives

Francois Neville on Spatiotemporal Field Interpolation

Ben Weber on Mobile Map Browsers

Ben Maynard on Dynamic Event Sensing in Emergency Management

Avinash Rude on Event Detection and Classification in Time Series

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