How Spatial Informatics Impacts the University of Maine

Perhaps you may be interested in some little known facts about Spatial Informatics at the University of Maine..

Did you know that …

Spatial Informatics faculty members affiliated with the UMaine Spatial Data Science Institute currently serve as PI or Co-PI on over $30,185,000 of active externally funded research projects. These projects involve a broad range of research collaborators across the university, the state, and the nation.

Did you know that …

– the Spatial Informatics faculty is inherently multidisciplinary by design including faculty members with doctorates in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, landscape architecture, law, experimental psychology, and surveying engineering

– these Spatial Informatics faculty members are the primary instructors supporting:

(a) two on-campus research-focused graduate degree programs including

MS Spatial Information Science and Engineering
PhD in Spatial Information Science and Engineering, and

(b) four on-campus and fully online professional graduate programs including

MS Information Systems campus / online
MS Spatial Informatics campus non-thesis equivalent / online
Graduate Certificate in Information Systems campus / online
Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems campus / online

– with over 60 graduate students currently enrolled in these programs focused on research or engaged as working professionals

– these Spatial Informatics faculty members teach further core courses in the Computer Science and Bioinformatics curriculums as well as provide graduate thesis and advising support for students across these and numerous additional campus academic graduate programs, and

– have initiated and are serving as leaders in the creation of graduate interdisciplinary academic programs including the existing MS Bioinformatics and the emerging MS Data Science, Graduate Certificate in Computing for Educators, and BA in Computing.

Did you know that …

– the current seven Spatial Informatics faculty members affiliated with the UMaine Spatial Data Science Institute

• have over 32,000 citations to their publications, and

• include an NSF Career Awardee, three Fellows of the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, a lifetime National Associate of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, and three UMaine Presidential Awardees.

Did you know that in regard to PhD graduates …

– the current spatial informatics faculty members

• have served as major advisors for sixty-two completed PhDs to-date coming from twenty-one different countries

• twenty-seven of our PhDs are currently faculty at twenty-five different universities and colleges

• four of our PhDs work at the GIS software leader ESRI and three at the database giant Oracle

• our PhDs have over 47,000 citations to their publications

• our PhDs themselves have supervised over thirty PhDs as first advisor

• two of our PhDs received best-paper awards at GIScience and COSIT,

• two of our PhDs are recipients of the UCGIS research award, and

• one of our faculty members serving as major adviser has brought more students to completion of their PhD degrees than any other faculty member on the campus.

Consider joining us!

If you are interested in working with a group of world class faculty members with a diversity of academic and research interests in one of our on-campus or online programs, please contact our Graduate Coordinator or consult directly with any of our faculty members.