Geo-Mobile Query-by-Sketch

Published: Jan 1, 2007



The advent of wireless technology, such as cellphones, PDAs, tablet PCs, and sub-notebooks, allows tranferring portions of traditional desktop-based GIS technology to mobile environments. This paper introduces Geo-Mobile Query-by-Sketch, a sketch-based spatial querying system for mobile GIS environment that combines techniques for spatial querying with mobile technologies. The system implements and adaptive client-server architecture, which copes with restrictions of mobile environments, such as fluctuating bandwidth and fre quent disconnections. The core concept analyzed is the mobile sketch, a multi-representation data structure of a sketched scene, which enables an adaption strategy that is tialored to the available transmission rates. We analyze the transmission cost of Geo-Mobile Query-by-Sketch and develop a protocol that optimizes the adaption level in order to guarantee quality of service.


David Caduff and Max J. Egenhofer, Geo-Mobile Query-by-Sketch, International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology, 3 (2): 157-175, 2007.


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