Sandra Butler, Ph.D.

Professor of Social Work
RIBHPC Co-Director
MSW Program Coordinator
School of Social Work
Bulter Biography

Dr. Butler has overall responsibility for the management of the RIBHPC project.  She works closely with the Project Co-Director, Project Coordinator, Psychology Liaison, and Social Work Field Team in recruiting student trainees, communicating with training sites, working with the evaluation team, implementing the interdisciplinary graduate seminar and continuing education series, and reporting program data and outcomes to HRSA.

Sandra Butler

Jeffrey Hecker, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
RIBHPC Co-Director
Director of Clinical Training
Department of Psychology

Dr. Hecker works closely with Dr. Butler in managing all aspects of the RIBHPC project. He provides mentorship for the RIBHPC Clinical Psychology doctoral students as well as oversight of the trainee’s clinical placements and clinical supervision. He co-chairs the RIBHPC Professional Development Workshop Series Steering Committee and co-teaches INT610 Advanced Seminar in Integrated Behavioral Healthcare.

Jeffrey Hecker, Ph.D.

Dyan Walsh, MSW

RIBHPC Project Coordinator

Dyan is responsible for synchronizing efforts across university departments and non-university partners to coordinate the overall development, delivery, data collection and reporting of the RIBHPC training program.

Leah Maxwell, LCSW

Field Director
School of Social Work
Maxwell Biography

Leah assists the RIBHPC program’s student application and selection process, in addition to field placement arrangements for MSW students.

Leah Maxwell