Emma Toth defends her MST thesis, December 2018

Emma Toth Defends MST Thesis on Undergraduate Education

Master of Science in Teaching student Emma Toth defended her thesis, titled “The High School to First Year College Transition: An Investigation of the Predictions and Perceptions of STEM Students” in December, 2018. Her thesis research included developing, testing, and revising a survey administered at the start and end of two semesters. At the start […]

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Physics Education Researchers Give 21 Summer Presentations

Members of the Physics Education Research Laboratory (PERL) were extremely active at national meetings this past summer. The conference season started off with the Third Conference on Laboratory Instruction Beyond the First Year (BFY III) at Loyola University Maryland, where two members of PERL presented one poster and also offered a workshop on flexible resources […]

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Student Understanding of Analog Electronics

To date, there has been relatively little work conducted by the physics education research community on upper-division laboratory courses.  Perhaps even more importantly, while there is a large and incredibly rich body of literature on student understanding of introductory electric circuits, there is surprisingly little published work on student understanding of (non-introductory) analog electronics.  This […]

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Student Learning in Upper-Division Laboratory Courses

In all upper-division laboratory courses (including those on analog electronics), there are many important learning goals (e.g., the development of experimental design skills and troubleshooting expertise); many of these are neither assessed nor articulated explicitly, and, in general, relatively little is known about the extent to which these goals are being met.  To date, there […]

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