Erin Vinson sits in her office holding a UMaine coffee mug

RiSE Center’s Erin Vinson Among Biology Education Researchers Awarded NSF Grant

The scientific community’s push to improve undergraduate biology education over the past decade prompted the creation of numerous open educational resources. A group of researchers, including one from the University of Maine, will evaluate how well these materials have met this demand and deliver positive learning outcomes. Read full UMaine News article here: Researchers assess […]

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Screenshot of Peterson article

Pre-Service Pilot Study by RiSE Faculty Member Franziska Peterson Published

RiSE Faculty member and Graduate Coordinator Franziska Peterson’s pilot study article was recently published in Educational Research: Theory and Practice. Working with Real-World Data: A Pilot Study of Pre-Service Elementary Teachers (link to article) Abstract: The purpose of this pilot study was to engage pre-service elementary teachers in a semester-long project to deepen their quantitative […]

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Research on Teacher Learning and Teacher Knowledge

I’ve explored teacher learning and knowledge in middle school since about 2010. I love working with teachers, and interacting with them has not only changed my career but has made me a better physicist and scientist. Learning to think about energy, force, or motion in terms of middle school students has made me re-think things […]

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Using the Resources Framework to Model and Understand Knowledge

One of the most fundamental things about watching people learn (and helping them in the classroom) is that people have fragmented understanding of the world around them. Researchers have modeled this in terms of a Knowledge-in-Pieces (KiP) model, simply accepting the way things are as a basis for building models of knowledge and learning. I […]

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Research Into Culture and Identity

What’s fascinating when a mathematician and a physicist talk about the math that is used in physics is that we often use a set of words that mean something different to each person in the conversation. A physicist sees nothing wrong with putting the x-value on the y-axis of a graph, when x is measuring […]

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Emma Toth defends her MST thesis, December 2018

Emma Toth Defends MST Thesis on Undergraduate Education

Master of Science in Teaching student Emma Toth defended her thesis, titled “The High School to First Year College Transition: An Investigation of the Predictions and Perceptions of STEM Students” in December, 2018. Her thesis research included developing, testing, and revising a survey administered at the start and end of two semesters. At the start […]

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Physics Education Researchers Give 21 Summer Presentations

Members of the Physics Education Research Laboratory (PERL) were extremely active at national meetings this past summer. The conference season started off with the Third Conference on Laboratory Instruction Beyond the First Year (BFY III) at Loyola University Maryland, where two members of PERL presented one poster and also offered a workshop on flexible resources […]

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