Annual Research Report

A crane lifts a bridge girder into place over a river.

Innovating the roads of tomorrow

The Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center generates innovative solutions to build sustainable transportation infrastructure. The Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center (TIDC) at the University of Maine is committed to developing innovative, transformative, and implementable infrastructure solutions that extend the life and improve the durability of transportation assets. In addition to UMaine, TIDC’s consortium of six New England […]

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A student from the School of Earth and Climate Sciences sampling streams in Acadia National Park for microplastics.

Achieving breakthroughs in predicting PFAS absorption in microplastics

UMaine’s PFAS+ Initiative unveils a model for predicting the contaminant’s absorption in microplastics, leading to innovative solutions for water pollution. The University of Maine’s PFAS+ Initiative developed a novel model for predicting the absorption of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) by microplastics in 2023. PFAS are human-made chemicals linked to a growing list of medical […]

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A photo of a person wearing a virual reality headset with a digital grid in the background

Groundbreaking insights in AI legislation

UMaine’s AI Initiative marks a pivotal year in artificial intelligence ethics, advancing responsible development and usage. In a landmark year for artificial intelligence (AI) ethics, the University of Maine’s AI Initiative made novel contributions to conversations regarding the responsible development and use of AI technologies.  Manuel Wörsdörfer, assistant professor of management and computing ethics at […]

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A photo of planet Earth from outer space

Forging new frontiers in partnership and innovation

UMaine SPACE Initiative propels leadership in aerospace technology and education. The University of Maine’s SPACE Initiative soared to new heights in 2023, reinforcing its legacy as a pioneering force in space exploration and research. The SPACE Initiative expanded academic and research frontiers and fortified its role in shaping the future of aerospace technology and education. […]

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Bioengineering professor Caitlin Howell working students in a lab in Ferland Hall

R1 drives undergraduate research opportunities

When UMaine earned R1 Carnegie classification in 2022, the designation inspired a dramatic increase in undergraduate research experiences for UMaine students. The R1 designation, bestowed by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, is the highest honor offered, reserved for institutions with very high research activity. When the University of Maine earned R1 status […]

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A map depicting the locations of ghettos enclosed by barbed wire.

Bringing new understanding to the Holocaust through digital humanities research

UMaine researchers leverage Geographic Information System technology to examine the spatial relationships between German occupation and genocidal actions.  The Holocaust is widely understood to have been a horrifying genocide that affected millions of people during, and long after, World War II. What may surprise some readers is that scholars continue to unearth new information and […]

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A researcher holds up a test tube as another researcher look on.

Microbes and social equity

UMaine researchers are asking hard questions about the right every human has to a healthy microbiome, and how these tiny organisms impact human health at large. There is a world of microscopic organisms living in and on our bodies that make up our microbiome. The balance of these complex ecosystems are governed by our diets […]

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A portrait of Susan Smith in her studio.

Where science and the arts meet

UMaine arts and STEM students engage in interdisciplinary research and learn how to become better scholars. In academia and beyond, fields are becoming less and less siloed. This is especially true at the University of Maine, where the administration and researchers prioritize interdisciplinary research projects because of how they are able to approach large problems […]

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School of Nursing students learn how to flush IVs for patients.

UMaine School of Nursing expands programming for aspiring family nurse practitioners 

The University of Maine School of Nursing received a $1.96 million grant to provide financial assistance to and new educational opportunities for aspiring family nurse practitioners who can help improve access to primary care in Maine’s rural and underserved regions. The four-year grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) […]

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E. James and Eileen P. Ferland Engineering Education and Design Center at the University of Maine

A new era in engineering and computing

The Maine College of Engineering and Computing pioneers interdisciplinary learning and technological advancement. The Maine College of Engineering and Computing, officially launched on April 1, 2023, marked a significant stride in the region’s workforce development, research and economic growth. The college’s E. James and Eileen P. Ferland Engineering Education and Design Center (Ferland EEDC) and […]

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Three people aboard a boat in the Darmariscotta River.

Developing Maine’s aquaculture industry

The Aquaculture Research Institute drives the development of Maine’s aquaculture industry and working waterfronts.  The Aquaculture Research Institute (ARI) at the University of Maine is charting the future of aquaculture through research and development, extension programs and workforce training. By fostering innovation and nurturing talent, ARI reinforces UMaine’s reputation as a national hub for sustainable […]

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Students gather on the mall to join clubs and other group activities at the Student Organization Fair.

Celebrating a century of impact and leadership

The Graduate School at the University of Maine celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2023. This milestone marks a rich history of advancing graduate education and enhancing student experiences through collaborative efforts.

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Off-white molecules

Institute of Medicine awards nine graduate summer fellowships for 2023

The University of Maine’s Institute of Medicine announced the recipients of its prestigious 2023 summer fellowship in May, recognizing nine outstanding scholars for their contributions to medical research and education.  Institute of Medicine 2023 Summer Fellowship Awardees: Lucas Bennett: Biochemistry Ph.D. candidate. Cellular receptor remodeling during viral infection. Bailey Blair: Biomedical Science Ph.D. candidate.Identifying Candida […]

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