Jordan LaBouff

Associate Professor of Psychology and Honors
352 Williams Hall

Research Interests

My research investigates how beliefs, and the ways in which people hold those beliefs, interact with personal virtues and social situations to influence attitudes (e.g., prejudice, impression formation) and behaviors (e.g., helping those in need, discrimination, and public behaviors).  I pursue this question across three primary research areas, each of which have garnered international scholarly attention: (1) virtue and prosocial behavior, (2) belief and intergroup bias, and (3) applications of implicit social cognition to public policy and social issues.

Selected Publications

Shen, M. J., & LaBouff, J. P. (2016).  Who’s for universalized health care?: A confirmatory factor analysis of health care attitudes and predictors of favoring universal health care among americans.  Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 4, 493-520.

LaBouff, J. P., & LeDoux, A.  (2016).  Imagining atheists:  Reducing fundamental distrust in anti-atheist attitudes.  Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.

Shen, M. J., Rowatt, W. C., & LaBouff, J. P.  (2012).  Religion and prejudice revisited:  In-group favoritism, out-group derogation, or both?  Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 4, 154-168

Shen, M. J., LaBouff, J. P., Rowatt, W. C., Patock-Peckham, J. A., & Carlisle, R. D.  (2012).  Facets of right-wing authoritarianism mediate the relationship between religious fundamentalism and attitudes towards Arabs and African Americans.  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 51, 128-142.

LaBouff, J. P., Rowatt, W.C., Johnson, M. K., & Finkle, C. (2012).  Differences in attitudes towards outgroups in religious and non-religious contexts in a multi-national sample:  A situational context priming study.  International Journal for the Psychology of Religion.22, 1-9.

LaBouff, J. P., Rowatt, W. C., Johnson, M. K., Tsang, J., & McCullough, G. (2011).  Humble people are more helpful than less humble persons:  Evidence from three studies.  Journal of Positive Psychology, 7, 16 – 29.

LaBouff, J. P., Rowatt, W. C., Johnson, M. K., Thedford, M., Tsang, J.  (2010).  Development and initial validation of an implicit measure of religiousness-spirituality.  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 49(3), 439-445.

Rowatt, W. C., LaBouff, J. P., Johnson, M., Froese, P., & Tsang, J. (2009). Associations among religiousness, social attitudes, and prejudice in a national sample of American adults. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 1 (1), 14-24.