Psychological Sciences Admissions


Psychological Sciences Graduate Applications are due December 31st.

We are looking for well-qualified students who have a broad undergraduate background. Promising applicants typically have taken a range of psychology courses including statistics and research methods. To ensure adequate preparation for entering our strongly research-oriented program, we favor applicants with successful undergraduate coursework in science, mathematics, computer science, and/or who have extensive research experience. We look for a GPA above 3.5 and Verbal and Quantitative scores above 150. We are flexible about these scores, however, the overall picture from GPA, GRE, letters of reference and the personal statement needs to be convincing.

Our program is selective (in most years we admit 1-3 graduate students) and mentor-based. As such, graduate students identify and work closely with a faculty member who serves as their graduate advisor facilitating the development of the graduate student’s research program. As a result, we encourage potential applicants to contact the faculty member or members who they hope to work with prior to applying to the program. Such contact often helps in assessing a student’s possible research interests and in matching a student with a faculty advisor who has similar interests.

Applications from students who have already earned a Master’s degree or who have completed some graduate work are welcome.

Admissions Process:

Application to the Doctoral or Masters Program in Psychological Sciences is a two step process that requires completion of the Graduate School’s Application for Admission and the completion of a separate application for the Psychological Sciences graduate program.

Step #1:

Apply to Graduate School

Step #2

Apply to Psychological Sciences