Alan B. Cobo-Lewis, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1992), Associate Professor (Director Center for Community Inclusion and Disability).

Teaching interests: Perception, quantitative psychology.

Research interests: Visual perception, language development, statistical and computational methods.

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Thane Fremouw, Ph.D. (University of Utah, 1998). Associate  Professor (Undergraduate Coordinator) Learn more about Dr. Fremouw

Teaching interests: Cognition, cognitive neuroscience, memory & learning, brain & behavior.

Research interests: Chemo-fog/chemo-brain, category learning, memory, and attention.


Jordan P. LaBouff, Ph.D. (Baylor University, 1993). CLAS-Honors Associate Professor of Psychology Learn more about Dr. LaBouff

Teaching interests: Research methodology, social psychology, psychology of religion.

Research interests: Biopsychosocial models of aging, to include biological, neuropsychological and behavioral factors that affect quality of life and cognitive functioning across the adult life span.


Shannon McCoy, Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Barbara, 2003). Associate Professor Learn more about Dr. McCoy

Teaching interests: Social psychology, statistics, methodology.

Research interests: Social psychological study of the self, social identity, and social stigma.


Michael RobbinsMichael Robbins, Ph.D. (University of Maine, 1985). Research Associate Professor (Department Chair) Learn more about Dr. Robbins

Teaching interests: Statistics and research methods, personality, environmental and health psychology.

Research interests: Relations of health behaviors and vascular disease risk factors with cognitive functioning and quality of life.