Psychological Sciences Graduate Program

The Department of Psychology offers graduate study leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degree in Psychological Sciences (including social, cognitive, and biological psychology). We believe that a quality graduate education involves a close working relationships between faculty and individual students. A high faculty-to-student ratio and small class size characterize our graduate programs. In addition, each student works with at least one faculty member as a means of gaining valuable teaching, research and professional experience. There are many opportunities for individualized study and experience in research directed readings, and supervised teaching. A committee, representing the student’s interests, assists in planning an appropriate graduate program for each student.


All applications are due by December 31st.

Admissions Process:

Application to the Doctoral or Masters Program in Psychological Sciences is a two step process that requires completion of the Graduate School’s Application for Admission and the completion of a separate application for the Psychological Sciences graduate program.

Step #1:

Apply to Graduate School

Step #2:

Apply to Psychological Sciences