Clinical Faculty

Fayeza AhmedFayeza S. Ahmed, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 2011).  Assistant Professor.

Teaching interests: Abnormal psychology, health psychology, neuropsychological assessment.

Research interests: Adult and geriatric neuropsychology, health Psychology, risk factors for cognitive decline.






Cynthia ErdleyCynthia Erdley, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1992).  Professor.

Teaching interests: Child and adolescent psychology, social development.

Research interests: Social cognition; children’s peer relationship experiences and psychological adjustment.






Emily HaighEmily A.P. Haigh, Ph.D. (Kent State University, 2009).  Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Training.

Teaching interests: Abnormal Psychology; Psychopathology; and Ethics and Professional Issues

Research interests: Cognitive vulnerability to mood disorders, biological correlates of the cognitive model of depression; cognitive vulnerability and protective factors (e.g. negative cognitive content, rumination, decentering); and specifying cognitive processes across mood disorders.

Maine Mood Disorders Lab



Rebecca MacAulayRebecca K. MacAulay, Ph.D. (Louisiana State University, 2016).  Assistant Professor.

Teaching interests: Neuropsychological and personality assessment, life span development, and foundations of clinical psychology.

Research interests: Biopsychosocial models of aging, to include biological, neuropsychological and behavioral factors that affect quality of life and cognitive functioning across the adult life span.

C.A.R.E. Lab


**Note to applicants: Dr. MacAulay does plan to take a new student for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Douglas NangleDouglas W. Nangle, Ph.D. (West Virginia University, 1993).  Professor and Director of the ADHD Clinic.

Teaching interests: Abnormal psychology, child psychopathology, clinical assessment, child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Research interests: Child and adolescent peer relations; close relationships and psychological adjustment; and social skills assessment and intervention.

Social Interactions and Adjustment Lab



Rebecca Schwartz-MetteRebecca Schwartz-Mette, Ph.D. (University of Missouri, 2013).  Assistant Professor.

Teaching interests: Developmental psychopathology, ethics and professional issues

Research interests: Psychopathology and peer relationships in adolescence; interpersonal theories of depression; ethics and graduate training in clinical psychology.

Peer Relations Lab

**Note to applicants: Dr. Schwartz-Mette does plan to take a new student for the 2020-2021 academic year.