The Cognition Aging Resiliency and Enhancement (CARE) Lab reflects the attitudes of its students and its primary investigator (of course!) who are dedicated to understanding and improving the well-being of the communities that we serve.

The CARE Lab takes a multidisciplinary approach in its methodology and its theoretical perspective to approach problems related to cognitive functioning as we age. We know that how we feel, what we think, our relationships with friends and family, as well as biological factors are intimately tied to one another. Research undertaken by the CARE Lab uses this knowledge to better understand cognitive aging and to develop novel, ecologically valid cognitive assessment measures and interventions.

Be a part of CARE (Get Involved!): These are exciting times in which we have learned much in science, but times have also highlighted that we need to keep working and growing!

The CARE Lab is directed by Dr. Rebecca MacAulay, whose area of expertise is in cognitive assessment and emotion functioning across the adult life span. She welcomes inquiries from anyone who CARES.