Research & Development

Research and Development

Maine’s Research University at Work

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Developing solutions to grand challenges of global impact and local relevance

researcher in lab

As Maine’s research university, research is the distinguishing part of UMaine’s mission. It impacts all areas — from student success and cutting-edge academic programs, to workforce development, innovation and economic advancement.

UMaine’s research enterprise consists of the most extensive and cutting-edge set of research and development programs, resources, and services available in Maine.

We will work with you in the realization of a tailored partnership to help your business/industry succeed, by addressing your specific R&D needs and creating new opportunities for growth and success. As a one-stop shop or point of entry to connect with the University of Maine, we provide convenient access to the best set of R&D capabilities in Maine. 

Make Maine’s research university your R&D center.

Contact us at the UMaine Portland Gateway to learn how we can assist.