UMaine Portland Gateway

Located at 300 Fore Street in Portland, Maine, the University of Maine Portland Gateway provides a one-stop connection and point of access to UMaine’s vast array of innovative research, education, and outreach resources, programs, and services. These include those existing in Portland and its surrounding region, where the university has faculty, staff, and students, and a vast array of research, education, and outreach programs, as well as partnerships with business/industry and corporate sectors, healthcare providers and medical facilities, universities and research institutions, K-12 schools, and other entities.


The vision of the Gateway is to establish a place where collective problem-solving drives research and education to create a just, prosperous, and sustainable world


The mission of the Gateway is to connect Mainers with world-class research and education; convene and prepare our knowledge and innovation workforce; and converge around contemporary Maine challenges in the Portland area and beyond.