Engaged Policy Studies Collaborations

The “Practicum in Engaged Policy Studies” was designed in 2011 by Professor Rob Glover as a course where students would collaborate directly with partners in the community (such as municipal governments and non-profit organizations) to conduct sustained, year-long policy research projects. The policy projects are designed in a reciprocal fashion with our community partners helping to frame the research question and execute the project. Click the links below to learn more about our collaborations thus far and review materials, reports, and media coverage produced by these partnerships.

2012-2013 (Town of Orono) “Building a Better Orono Together: Cultivating Organic Community Connection with University and Orono Stakeholders.”

2014-2015 (City of Bangor) “Revitalizing Bangor: Keeping Professionals in Central Maine.

2014-2015 (Town of Orono) “Confronting the Challenges of Studentification in Residential Orono Neighborhoods.”

If you have questions about any of these studies or would be interested in potentially partnering with Professor Rob Glover and his students for a similar project in the future contact him at robert.glover@maine.edu or (207) 581-1880.