Engaged Policy Studies-2012-2013

2012-2013 Collaboration with the Town of Orono 

This collaborative study examined university and community perceptions of Orono as a college town. Students worked with Orono Town Planner Evan Richert and Orono Town Manager Sophie Wilson to design a survey that was distributed to university staff, faculty, and students as well as Orono residents. In addition, they conducted focus group interviews with university staff and administrators as well as local business-owners and merchants in the Orono Village Association. The study suggests a number of “next steps” which the university and town could take together in the relatively near term (with existing assets) to address some of the areas which university and community stakeholders both found to be lacking. The links below will take you to research reports and presentations produced as a result of the project.

Those with questions about the study or who are interested in potentially collaborating with Engaged Policy Studies students in the future should feel free to contact Robert Glover at (207) 581-1880 or robert.glover@maine.edu.