Minor in the Constitution and American Law

Effective:  Fall Semester, 2012

This Minor will enable students to focus on the American Constitution  and its implications, providing them with a systematic way to structure their studies of this critical aspect of American political life.  With so much ill-informed discussion on the content and meaning of the Constitution among  the larger public in contemporary public discourse, this Minor contributes to the larger public good as well as providing a sound academic foundation for the individual student.  By deeply understanding our own Constitution and American law, students are much better positioned to understand  not only the American political system, but those of other countries as well.

Overview of Degree Requirements:

Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 18Minimum Cumulative GPA required to earn minor: 2.00

Minimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor:  C

Residency Requirement:  A minimum of  9 Credit Hours must be completed at the University of Maine


Courses for Credit toward the Minor


POS 100 American Government


Elective Options  Choose at least five courses from the following list:

POS 282 Introduction to American Law

POS 306 Crafting the American Constitution

POS 353  The US Congress

POS 354  The American Presidency

POS 359  Topics in American Government (specific section on “The Supreme Court Term”, with section number yet to be determined and designated by the POS department)

POS 383  American Constitutional Law

POS 384 American Civil Liberties

POS 484 American Constitution and Criminal Due Process

POS 493 or POS 495 American Politics Internship or Congressional Internship.  Choose no more than 3 pre-approved internship credits

POS 499: Senior Seminar in Political Science (American Law or Constitution focus, only)