2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 1 celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of scholars at the University of Maine (UMaine). Two awards, one each at Masters and Doctoral levels, will be given to outstanding graduate students who have made significant contributions during their studies through engaged research and/or outstanding scholarship as evidenced by, but not limited to, peer-reviewed publications.


  1. Students are inductees or have received and accepted invitation to join Phi Kappa Phi
  2. Students either currently enrolled in a UMaine graduate program OR graduated in August 2017 or later.


All application materials must be received by Monday, April 16, 2018, 5:00PM. Incomplete or late submissions will not be reviewed.

Nomination Package
Students are advised to send the following items in a single PDF document titled FirstName-LastName.pdf to Dr. Shaleen Jain (shaleen.jain@maine.edu) before the deadline.

  1. Statement of research and broader impacts (No more than 2 pages with 12-point font, single-space text) written independently by the student.
  2. Student’s Curriculum Vitae 
  3. A reprint or other facsimile of one to three peer-reviewed journal publications or equivalent evidence of professional accomplishment appropriate to the student’s discipline or interdiscipline (e.g. conference presentations, exhibitions, digital products, creative writing).

Recommendation Letters

Two recommendation letters from current UMaine faculty/mentors should be sent directly to shaleen.jain@maine.edu before the deadline.