Physics education research (PER) is a field of growing importance to physics departments across the United States. Government funding agencies, private corporations, and private foundations have given financial support to support research on the learning and teaching of physics.

Training in PER lends itself to a variety of career goals,

  • research and teaching at the university level
  • teaching at the primary and secondary level
  • consulting
  • software development
  • museum education

Joining the group

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Several members of our group are actively involved in the organization of conferences in physics education research, interdisciplinary research in education, and more. For more information, click here:

We also regularly attend the national meetings of the American Association of Physics Teachers, the American Physical Society, RUME meetings (of the community doing Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education), and the Gordon Conferences on Physics Education. We occasionally attend meetings such as the International Society of the Learning Sciences and others. Please contact us for more information about our participation in these meetings