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Meetings and Collaborations - Joining the Group

The UMaine PERL seeks:

Ph.D. candidates:

  • receive a physics doctorate while specializing in physics
    education research
  • receive financial support during your studies

M.S. candidates:

  • receive a Master’s of Science while specializing in the application of physics education research to teaching.
  • receive financial support during your studies

Students in physics or education:

  • volunteer in a classroom that uses research-informed teaching methods
  • participate in seminars on physics education research


  • visit the University of Maine to work with the research laboratory
  • implement and test research-based curricula at your institution

High school teachers:

  • participate in the high school teachers collaborative
  • join us for our annual high school physics and physics teachers meeting
  • implement and develop research-based teaching materials that best match your classes and students
  • carry out continued research in our M.S. program

In addition, we are interested in working with students, teachers, and faculty who are not specifically addressed above.


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Physics Education Research Laboratory
Department of Physics and Astronomy, 5709 Bennett Hall
Phone: 207.581.1033; 207.581.1030; 207.581.1237
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469