newspaper and a pencilSpring/Summer, 2015 – What’s it like to work with the PDC? Check out this article about Tony Jabar, an entrepreneurial chemist and research partner of the PDC, and his efforts to commercialize an innovative agricultural mulch and a non-toxic, grease-resistant coating.

May, 2015 – Learn about our collaborator, Biobased Maine, and their work to support biobased product markets in Maine in this Portland Press Herald piece.

April, 2015 Check out this press release about the strategic investment by Patagonia in our friends at Beyond Surface Technologies, who are developing high-performance textiles that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions using cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) and technologies for waterproofing that were demonstrated here at the PDC.

December, 2014 Read this RISI article to learn more about the opening of the Nation’s first commercial nanocellulose manufacturing plant at Paperlogic, in Turners Falls, MA.

December, 2014 To find out about the innovative research of our partner and collaborator, Southworth Company, see this MassLive article about their work with nanocellulose paper.

November, 2014 Learn more about the promise of nanocellulose in a brief article, “More Products from your Forest” by Hallie Metzger for The Cutting Edge, a newsletter of the Connecticut Professional Timber Producers Association.

October, 2014 – Munson Machinery notes its collaboration with the UMaine PDC in an article appearing in the October 2014 issue of Recycling International.

September, 2014 Check out this UMaine article and this P3 Nano Press Release to learn about a grant awarded to UMaine to advance the commercialization of cellulosic nanomaterials, funded by P3Nano and the USDA Forest Service.  

July/August, 2014 To see how the PDC can work with equipment manufacturers, check out the article, Screen Classifying Cutter Replaces Hammer Mill at a US Lab in the July/August 2014 issue of Australian Bulk Handling Review.

June, 2014 – To learn about UMaine’s contribution to the research and development of cellulosic nanomaterials, check out the article,”Nano From The Forest,” in the June 30, 2014 issue of C&EN News.

June, 2014 – Read about our collaborative work with Tony Jabar of the start-up company Cerealus in this Portland Press Herald article about a novel papermaking additive developed by Cerealus with the help of the PDC.

November, 2013 Check out this proposal by Douglas Bousfield and Michael Bilodeau to develop “the first commercially viable non-toxic fiberboard” using cellulose nanofibrils.

April, 2013 The UMaine PDC’s capabilities and contributions to nanocellulose research and development are detailed in this Mainebiz article.

April, 2013 To learn more about the PDC’s place in the ever-expanding world of nanofiber and biofuels, see this Bangor Daily News article about the 63rd Annual Paper Days celebration

April, 2013 The PDC shows off its state-of-the-art Cellullose Nanofiber Pilot Plant in this WABI news video from the 63rd Annual Paper Days celebration. (Just for fun, check out this clip of a robot cutting the ribbon on the Pilot Plant’s new equipment).

December, 2012 – For more information about Cerealus‘s effort to strike an international deal for Cerecarb, read this Morning Sentinel article.

July, 2012 To learn about the opening of the Forest Products Laboratory‘s cutting-edge nanocellulose pilot plant in Madison, Wisconsin, see our page on the plant and its ribbon-cutting ceremony (at which PDC Director Michael Bilodeau was a speaker).

June, 2012 – To learn about the opening of the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute’s state-of-the-art Technology Research Center, check out this article and accompanying video.

Spring, 2012 – To learn about the Department of Industrial Cooperation‘s efforts to create a Clean Tech Corridor and bring together clean tech resources and businesses in Maine, check out this brief video.

February, 2011 – Read this Mainebiz piece to learn more about efforts to establish a sustainable bioplastics industry in Maine.