Forest Bioproducts Research Institute

Logo for the Forest Bioproducts Research InstituteThe Technology Research Center (TRC) of the University of Maine Forest Bioproducts Research Institute (FBRI) promotes the commercialization of new technologies for converting forest and agricultural biomass into fuels and materials at industrially relevant scales. The TRC also facilitates collaborations between wood suppliers, agricultural product facilities, technology developers and University of Maine researchers. The TRC specializes in the demonstration and evaluation of original bioproduct technologies and aims to enhance commercialization by allowing industry/university partnerships to perform production trials. Thermochemical and biological processes are also available capabilities of the TRC.

The 40,000-square-foot facility, located on the industrial site at 880 Main St., Old Town, features state-of-the-art process control and process information systems. The Center was funded by a $4.8 million Maine Technology Asset Fund grant and a $2 million private, in-kind contribution from Old Town Fuel & Fiber.

The TRC focuses on efficient conversion pathways for producing biomass derived products from forest and agricultural residuals including:

  • Liquid fuels (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, ethanol, butanol)
  • High energy-density pellets
  • Advanced materials (nanocellulose, carbon fibers, bioplastics)
  • Industrial chemicals

For more information about the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute, visit their website. To read more about the TRC’s opening in 2012, check out this Bangor Daily News article.