Cerealus Holdings LLC

The logo for CerealusSince 2004, Cerealus has successfully collaborated with the UMaine PDC to develop next generation technologies and “Best Practices” for the paper and allied products industry.

  • Bio-based, non-toxic products for use in food packaging
  • Sustainable chemistry solutions that reduce production costs
  • Best practices that improve manufacturing capacity and productivity
  • Technologies to improve crop yield and farm productivity

Cerecarb is a disruptive platform technology under development by Cerealus and the PDC. The dramatic strength improvements possible with the application of Cerecarb allow for significantly lowered raw material costs, improved paper quality and higher manufacturing efficiency.

Ceregel is a cutting-edge retention and drainage chemistry that has been commercially proven to lower paper production costs and improve production efficiency. Originally developed by DuPont, and later licensed to Cerealus by the PDC, Ceregel is a ‘smart process’ for commercial paper machines that promises to save mills thousands of dollars.

Holdout, a bio-based polymer developed jointly by Cerealus and the UMaine PDC. Made from corn, Holdout is used as a replacement for fluorinated compounds in food packaging such as microwave popcorn bags and pizza boxes. This grease and oil resistant coating is non-toxic, biodegradable and the first product of its kind on the market.

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