Paper Machine Equipment

The PDC’s pilot paper machine is capable of several processes, including complete equipment analysis, raw material studies, and process operation studies.

Fourdrinier Paper Machine Specifications

  • Basis weight range: 25-220 g/m2
  • Average production rate: 1 lb/min
  • 10-160 fpm
  • 13″ trim

Equipment List

  • Air-padded headbox with distributor plate and Holey roll
  • Closed white water system with on-line suspended solids and charge monitoring for highly efficient wet end chemical studies
  • Two wet press nips with metal and/or composition rolls
  • Upgraded size press
  • Versatile size press coating supply system
  • In-line, multi-nip steel-steel calendar stack
  • High precision drive system
  • On-line continuous monitoring of basis weight, moisture, caliper and ash (video of Honeywell Experion MX Scanner)