Pilot Laboratory Coater

Pilot Coater in the PDC LabCoating application is one of the most important steps in making paper, foil and other materials, and the PDC is now able to coat commercially made basepapers or specialty basepapers produced on our pilot paper machine using a variety of methods. The Faustel Labmaster coater offers a versatile range of coating applications for papers, films, foils, non-wovens, and specialized composite materials.

The pilot coater has flexible, three-roll coating configurations for:

  • Direct gravure
  • Offset gravure
  • Smooth roll direct
  • Offset smooth roll
  • Kiss coating

Some of the pilot coater’s other features include:

  • Trailing blade or rod coating
  • Web processing at up to 12 inches in width
  • Speeds up to 100 fpm
  • Non-contact, hot air drying
  • Fully equipped laminating station