Parking a far distance away? Use the Black Bear Safe app.

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Black Bear Safe is a free application the campus community to gain quick and easy access to on-campus safety resources including emergency notifications and contacts. 

If you are parked a far distance away and don’t feel safe on your walk to your destination, the “monitor me while I walk to my vehicle” feature can send your location and destination, using Friend Walk or Virtual Walkhome, to a friend or a UMaine PD dispatcher so they can track your progress on a map. 

Users can also: 

  • Activate a “Mobile BlueLight” to send their location and a call to UMaine PD dispatchers
  • Submit crime tips via the in-app form, over the phone, via chat with UMaine PD dispatchers, or anonymously using Campus Eyes
  • Access support resources for Title IX, Health Counseling, and Mental Health Counseling
  • View campus Emergency Plans including appropriate contact phone numbers
  • Access other UMaine applications such as Navigate. 

For full details of the app, such as how do download or FAQs, visit the University of Maine Police Department website