Theses & Dissertations

  1. Meaghan Conway, PhD (’19) ~ Niche Evolution along a Gradient of Ecological Specialization
  2. Laura Garey, MS (’17) ~ Community Structure and Food-web Dynamics in Northeastern U.S. Tidal Marshes
  3. Maureen Correll, PhD (’15) ~ Biogeography and Conservation of Tidal Marsh Bird Communities Across a Changing Landscape
  4. Jennifer McCabe, PhD (’15) ~ Explaining Migratory Behaviors Using Optimal Migration Theory
  5. Katharine Ruskin, PhD (’15) ~ Intra- and Interspecific Variation in Demographic Rates and Niche Across the Range of a Species, the Saltmarsh Sparrow (Ammodramus caudacutus)
  6. Evan Adams, PhD (’14) ~ Using Migration Monitoring Data to Assess Bird Population Status and Behavior in a Changing Environment
  7. David Grunzel, MS (’14) ~ Migratory Distance & Predation Risk as Drivers of Behavioral Tradeoff made by Passerines during Fall Stopover
  8. Meghan Powell, MS (’13) ~ The Influence of Anthropomorphic Landscape Changes on the Wetland Birds of Mount Desert Island, Maine.
  9. Allison Byrd, MS (’13) ~ Common Loon (Gavia immer) Biogeography and Reproductive Success in an Era of Climate Change
  10. Ellen Robertson, MS (’12) ~ Responses of Rail Productivity to Water Level Variability and Factors Affecting Rail Broadcast Survey Results
  11. Leah Culp, MS (’12) ~ Roads in Salt Marshes: Flooding, Vegetation, and Sharp-tailed Sparrow Habitat Quality in Tidally Restricted Marshes

Peer-reviewed Publications (members in bold)

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