What we do …

Research in the lab focuses on adaptation to changing landscapes.  We’re planted firmly at the intersection of evolution, ecology, and conservation biology.  Whether concerned with rising sea-levels, landscape development, or changing wind patterns, we study how animal populations (particularly birds) react to our dynamic planet.  We measure behavior, morphology, niches, and genes to identify constraints on adaptation and tipping points where populations are no longer resilient.

Current opportunities in the lab and on projects we’re involved in …

  • We are not currently looking for any new Graduate Students or Post-docs for the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Undergraduate researchers
    Thinking about designing a capstone or honors thesis?  Just looking for some field, lab, or research experience for your resume?  We have paid and volunteer possibilities starting as soon as Fall 2020.  Remote options available.

Bri takes great marsh panos
Bri Benvenuti.