Test Scoring

test scoring
We offer electronic scanning for departments and individual instructors using Scantron optical mark recognition exam forms and course evaluation forms.

Instructions for Faculty

Please be sure only ONE bubble is filled in for each answer. The scanner can read only one bubble done in pencil, it will not read ink or handwriting. The name bubbles need to filled in so the results are matched to the correct student. Special instructions for answers should be added to the Scoring Services Form at the bottom. Only a single point value is calculated per answer, partial credit cannot be assigned by the process.

  • Drop off forms to 101 Alumni with the following items:
    • Answer Key
    • Student Scoresheets
  • Please put all test forms in the same direction, making sure the sheets are not stuck together.
  • Please ensure all students have filled in the dots under their names and only pencil (not ink) has been used. Only filled in bubbles are read by the scanner.
  • Instructors will receive an email with a link to the results. The results will be in an Excel file.
  • Results are usually sent to instructors in 1-2 business days.
  • All score sheets will be returned to the instructor via campus mail or set aside for someone to pick them up from Alumni Hall. Please indicate your preference on the Request Form. Note: campus mail may take up to a week.
  • Blank Score Sheets and Request Forms are also available in our office.

Contact Kim Mentus with any questions: